Web Development

I develop, design, program and integrate modular user interface logic and designs for browser based applications and websites. Focused on the technical development aspects of the user interface and user experience.

What's New

Nothing: Besides this content, there have been no significant updated to this site since around 2012. I have no idea what I might do next with this site or some of it's components. I'm to busy keeping pace on other projects to worry about modernizing it from so far behind. It still holds valuable server side application structure that could use some modernization to better suit modern UI design. Perhaps I will stumble into something that motivates me to take on the project, but until then, it is what it is, starting with, it's old.

What's Next

For the past few years my focus has concentrated more on modern UI stack development. Working with current techniques, platforms and libraries such as: Node, Express, BootStrap, Less, jQuery, Angular, Grunt, and the many associated libraries, plug-ins, modules, and dependencies that make up the typical modern web UI stack, to produce responsive modular interactive UI designs.

Photo Gallery

Gallery Application and Photographs

The gallery is an old project I developed in PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery, perhaps around 2008. The photos are from my communes with nature, shot with compact cameras, and edited in PhotoShop.

Responsive and Adaptive Web Design

Mobile Web

Mobile device usage has increased tremendously worldwide since the introduction of smart phones, tablets and browser enabled devices. Responsive web site design is the most efficient way to provide a quality user experience to multiple known and unknown devices from a single web application.

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